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Chris Murray is a photographer living in Bend, Oregon who is available for assignments worldwide.  He's well known for capturing the best light possible.

Murray started shooting in 1988.  His first camera was a Pentax MG that he purchased in Ketchikan, Alaska.  At the time, he was a helicopter logger who traveled around the west coast.  The late 80's were the glory days for this obscure profession and the job was quite dangerous.  It wasn't unusual for some of the companies he worked for to crash an aircraft one day and be flying the next with a replacement.  Murray was compelled to document what he was seeing.

Logging was a means for him to snowboard all winter and his cosmic journey would land him at Snowbird, Utah in January of 1990 where he was a night house keeper.  He would eventually purchase a Nikon F3 camera and start shooting the beginning of the snowboard movement, quickly rising through the ranks of his industry to become one of the leading outdoor photographers in the world.  At the height of his snow career he was Patagonia Clothing Companies lead photographer and was helicopter skiing about 75 days a year in Alaska and spending months at a time in Europe to document extreme sports.  He's had thousands of images published.

"Eventually life would find me here shooting architecture." explains Murray.  "it's something I'm very passionate about and I hope that shows in my work.  Finding and creating the best lighting conditions and getting that stellar photograph is my life's driving force.  As long as I've been taking photos it never gets old."

In his free time Chris can be found traveling with his Black Lab Sug.